October 1, 2006

Trapped, and no way to run. In frustration, I scream and strain against the ropes holding me down, but to no avail. Panting, I look up at the rope dangling just within reach, that is, if I could reach out. Following the rope with my eyes, I glimpse daylight from a hole in the roof. Lowering my eyes, I look at the water that is filling the dark room. Yelling again, I throw my weight against the ropes, trying to grab the lifeline just above my upturned face. Some of the ropes begin to pop, and then a great snap fills the air, then another, the ropes are beginning to break. My heart filling with a new hope, I push even more and more ropes snap. Freed from those ropes, I stand up a little farther, closer to the rope to get out.

Suddenly a large crash rebounds through the closed room, followed by the clinking of a chain. Startled, I collapse, reeling from the blow. I look around, and a chain is now keeping me down. As I sit in the water, despair replacing the hope I had, the broken ropes fuse back together, like they never broke. Tears filling my eyes, I cry out in desperation to God. As the echoes of my voice die away, a breeze stirs the surface of the water, and I can just hear, or think I hear, a voice whisper, “Let go.” I scream in frustration, “No!!! Never! Why? No!!!” Sobbing I begin to plead, “No Lord, this is not the way You are supposed to do this! You’re supposed to save me with a miraculous life-changing event! One that causes these ropes to break! I created them strand-by-strand with my own hands; I would never let them go! Why?!? Save me Lord! Don’t make me let go! Take them away from me!” With that, I collapse into the ever-rising water.

Sobbing uncontrollably, I look down at the ropes and chains holding me down. Looking closely, each rope and chain has something written on it. Looking closer at one of the ropes, I see a single word, pride. Curious, I begin looking at the other ropes. Each one has a word on it, words like jealousy, idolatry, love, friendships, selfishness, lust, greed, over-confidence, excuses. Shocked, I realize that the countless cords all have similar words on them. Following the bindings to the floor, they are attached to a single bracket in the floor, labeled sin. Following the cords the other way, expecting to see them wrapped around a portion of my body, I realize they are not tied to me. Instead, every single one of them is being clenched in my hand.

Realization floods through me; all I have to do is let go. With a slight grin, I stand up, the rope dangling from the ceiling inches from my face. On it are two words, Jesus Christ. Suddenly I laugh and open my hands and the ropes and chains fall into the rising water with a splash. I grab onto the rope, still laughing. The instant my fingers close on the rope, the rope rises, pulling me out of the water and darkness, and into the light.

//Bring it World
-Brian Purkiss


  1. so true. if only we could see that so many of our troubles, we create ourselves. things we just want to hang onto weigh us down. we could just be FREE if we realized the messes we make in our own lives.

    just like this song i LOVE by BarlowGirl:

    My hands hold safely to my dreams
    Clutching tightly not one has fallen
    So many years I’ve shaped each one
    Reflecting my heart showing who I am
    Now You’re asking me to show
    What I’m holding Oh so tightly
    Can’t open my hands can’t let go
    Does it matter?
    Should I show You?
    Can’t You let me go?

    Surrender, Surrender You whisper gently
    You say I will be free
    I know but can’t You see?
    My dreams are me, My dreams are me

    You say You have a plan for me
    And that You want the best for my life
    Told me the world had yet to see
    What You can do with one
    That’s committed to Your calling
    I know of course what I should do
    That I can’t hold these dreams forever
    If I give them now to You
    Will You take them away forever?
    Or can I dream again?

    Surrender, Surrender You whisper gently
    You say I will be free
    I know but can’t You see?
    My dreams are me, My dreams are me

    He sets me free.

  2. that’s an incredible picture of our plight…self-created plight. wonderful job, Admin.

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