Are You a Christian?

October 22, 2006

If someone were to threaten to destroy your most prized possession and ask, “Are you a Christian?” what would you say?
If someone were to put a gun to your head and ask, “Are you a Christian?” what would you say?
If someone were to put a gun to the one you love’s head and ask, “Are you a Christian?” what would you say?

Will you compromise your faith for anything? Or will you keep your belief in Christ until the end?
Think about it.

//Bring it World
-Brian Purkiss

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  1. It would be jolly hard to say what you would do, that is, unless you actually got into similar situation. You are dealing in unreality. Your true actions are not based on what you say or “believe”, they are based on Who You Are. You would have to make your religion a major part of your self in order to die for it.
    And, really, why should you die for something like that? My goodness, you only have one life! What if you’re wrong? But here’s a better question: what is a “Christian” and what makes it the “Truth” (as you put it in an earlier post)? You see, if you are going to lose your life over something, it had better be good; that is, unless you hold life to be of little or no value.
    So, I would like to know: what do you think a Christian is? what makes it the “True” way? and what makes this religion worthy of your death (if you were brought to that point)? If you don’t answer, I understand. These are hard questions.

  2. I’m sorry it has taken me so long to respond, I have not had the time. However, I have some free time at the moment, and will try and tackle some of the questions you have brought up.

    It is hard to say what you would do. There are so many factors to consider in making a descision like that. Unfortunatly, you would have only a few moments to answer.
    But, “Why should you die for something like that?” I believe in Jesus Christ and that He is my Lord and Savior and that He died for me, so I should die for Him if need be.

    Thank you for bringing up the questions, “What if you’re wrong,” “What do you mean by Christian,” and “What makes it (Christianity) THE Truth.” They are excelent questions and are topics I hope to dive into on future articles. They are hard questions, and they are questions that need answers. Now I will only answer them in brief, but I plan on going into detail in the future.

    “What if you’re wrong”
    That is a VERY important question. What if I’m wrong? Well, what do other religions say if I’m wrong? Athiesim believes that I will rot and be no more. If I’m wrong, and what Athiesim says is true, then no matter what I do here on this earth will matter. Thus nothing matters, including life. But by living by the Christian morals, I am making the world a better place (even though it is ultamitly pointless). If reincarnation is ture, then by living as a Christian will do nothing but help my Karma to move onto a “higher being.” In that sense, living as a Christian will do no harm as well. If other Theistic religions are true, then (genrally) I have to be as good a person as I can be in order to get into heaven. Again, if that is the case, then living as a Christian will be benificial.
    However, it is my personal belief that I am not wrong and Jesus really did live, He is the Son of God, and He really did die for my sins. By placing my trust in Jesus, I am to follow Him and do what He says.

    “What do you mean by Christian”
    An excelent question, thank you very much for asking. When I say Christian, I mean a belief system (faith) which holds that there is one God (the God of the Bible) and He sent is one and only son (Jesus Christ) to live a sinless life and die for mankind’s sins as the pefect sacrifice so we (mankind) can have our sins washed away and live with God for eternity. I also imply that the Bible is God’s perfect Word (1 Timothy 3:16) and is True in every way. And I believe I have answered you third question as well. By believing that the Bible is the Word of God, and thus is perfect and true in every way, I believe that it THE Truth.

    If you have any further questions (on my responses or any new questions), I am more than willing to answer them to the best of my abilities.
    Again, I hope to adress those questions in more detail in future articles.

  3. Great response Brian. I would also like to add one more thing to that.
    Suppose it’s a given that Jesus Christ doesn’t exist. So we should technically not care and all just live for the fun in in the world and become hedonistic. Heh, that doesn’t make for a good life, you’ll only end up more and more fed up. Countless people have led great lives by being a servant to the public or just a giving person in general. The bottom line is that once you get used to it, giving is more fun than taking(yes, for some people getting that feeling takes a long time). So, even though there is technically nothing to live for that counts in the long run (eternally) you might as well be a good person to humanity.
    Here’s just a few questions I wish to ask this unknown commenter is: Why then do we as people have consciences? Why did man even come up with the whole Deity idea anyway?

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