Darwin and Marx vs. Jesus

November 30, 2006

During the 1800s two men changed the world forever with their theories. Those two men went by the names of Charles Darwin and Carl Marx. But just what do the two men actually believe? And how does their theories effect our belief as Christians?

Charles Darwin brutally attacked Genesis with his theory in The Descent of Man. Darwin invented the theory that mankind came into being randomly, by chance – that people evolved from lesser beings, monkeys, and those monkeys evolved from even lesser beings, and so on and so forth until we get to the singled cell organism. That single celled organism came into being by random atoms coming together and coming to life. Those atoms came about from the “Big Bang.” The Big Bang was created by random particles being drawn towards each other, then exploding. However, scientists have absolutely no idea where those particles came from.

Darwin undermined the Bible’s theory of Creation with his theory of Evolution. He completely took away the total divinity of our Lord and Savior. Near death, Darwin disclaimed his theory of evolution, but modern either scientists ignore that fact, or, believe that that document is a fraud.

Carl Marx’s theory is almost opposite in nature. Marx throws out the book of Revelations and replaces it with Marx’s well-known Communist Manifesto. Marx’s theory believes that the world will get steadily better and that the world will turn into a utopia – a perfect world. The world would turn into a place where everyone is equal; there will be no ranks in society. Everyone will share; there will be no wars, no crime, and no hatred.

It sure sounds nice, and it would be neat if it came true, but it hasn’t and won’t. In the end, Marx’s theory caused the slaughter of millions – not a perfect utopia. The book of Revelation says the exact opposite. The book of Revelation says the world will get worse and worse; then, Christ will destroy it and set up His utopia. There will be no evil what so ever. That is what we Christians look forward to. Even though both theories end with a utopia, the theories arrive at their utopia’s in completely opposite ways. Marx’s theory requires man, in his own power, to perfect him/herself and become perfect. The Bible’s theory requires Jesus to come and save mankind and, using His power, make everything perfect – resulting in utopia.

The theories of Evolution and Communism changed the world forever. Marx’s theory lead to the slaughter of millions, and still is a cause of oppression today. Darwin’s theory changed the scientific world, caused the death of millions, and carried over to public life. Hot disputes concerning Creation vs. Evolution take place all over the world. Scientists undermine the Bible through teaching Evolution in the public school system as a fact, not a theory. Christians are lead astray and compromise with the world over Creation. As many people say concerning this problem, “I don’t know about your God, but my God can create the world in seven days.”

Marx’s and Darwin’s theories are all but opposite in nature, but similar in their foundations. Both theories try and eliminate an all knowing and all-powerful God. Those theories teach the fact that man is inherently good, but, according to Genesis, man is inherently bad. Christians need to stand strong in what they believe in. We need to put all of our faith in the Bible. When ever something challenges the Word, be on your guard and stand firm in your faith in Jesus Christ.

//Bring it World
-Brian Purkiss

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