Should the US be in Iraq?

December 13, 2006

So much controversy exists over this war in Iraq, against such elusive foes – Terrorists. Dispite the media’s portral of the war, the US has worked much good in Iraq. Yet a large portion of the public demands that US Forces pull out of Iraq and the neighboring area.

Discussion topic: Should the United States be in Iraq?


  1. This is definitely a subject that is very difficult to develop an opinion about. The media portrays everyone in Iraq as hating US forces and wanting them to leave, but those people are really the minority.

    Still, the US has been there for a long time. Iraq needs to be able to protect itself. We need to start lessening troops in Iraq so that Iraq can start fending for itself. The US cannot have long term troops in Iraq – its just not right.

    Let me disclaimer what I’m about to say by saying that I really am glad that we have Bush as president and not a democrat – but I think that Bush is wrong about the war.

    He keeps on talking about not pulling out because that would be like admitting defeat. I would have to disagree. If we don’t pull out then we will weaken Iraq’s defenses and they will forever be dependent on us. It always sounds to me like Bush doesn’t want to leave because it would make him look bad or something of that sort – who knows, I could be wrong.

    Basically, I think that we were right to go in and liberate Iraq, but that it’s time for us to start moving out – we cannot run their country for them.

  2. According to the news bureau the majority of American’s want us to pull out of Iraq, but many may ask, (including myself) “At what cost.” If Iraq is not currently able to stand on it’s feet, secure a working government and defend it’s self the U.S. leaving Iraq would be a bad idea.
    Personally to this day, I do not believe Iraq is ready. Sure, they’ve got a government but there is rioting and other things which are happening. As the previous poster said, “we cannot run their country for them.” But I do not believe the time is quite right.

    Also, I want it to be made clear… Iraq is A LOT better off than it was before.

  3. Definitely. Iraq is way better off now that we helped them out. And I’m not saying we need to yank everyone out right away, but I would agree with a plan that slowly removed troops from the country until it finally stood on its on two feet.

  4. But what about all of those soldiers and civilians that are dying? And what about the poor families of the soldiers?

  5. This is definetly not a one-sentence-answer type of question. But everyone has a good point. Our men have helped clear up that really messy situation over there and they have done a fantastic job of it. There really isn’t enough mainstream appreciation for what this country (our president, troops, authority figures) has done in this situation. But when will we stop helping and start hurting? At what point do we go from holding their hand to carrying them around so long they lose their ability to walk? I’m sure anyone could argue on that from now till Kingdom come, but there it is. (And I’m prolly just repeating what everyone else said)

  6. Agreed MrThreatToSociety. I’m for a slow withdrawl of the troops from Iraq. If they stay there too much longer, they’ll become a crutch for the Iraqi military (if they aren’t already). If we slowly withdraw from Iraq, it will give the Iraqi military and police an opptotunity to get their feet slowly.

    But even then, I bet the’re still will be war/terror in the Middle East until Jesus comes back. However – we should still do our best to stop it.

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