The End of Saddam

January 2, 2007

Saddam Hussein was hung on Saturday, December 30, 2007 – thus ended the life of the brutal Iraqi dictator.

The Guardian – Saddam Exchanged Taunts Before Hanging
Raincoaster.com – Saddam Hussein’s Last Words
Saddam’s Last words.Webmerica.org – Saddam’s Uncensored Hanging (Warning: Linked video included is graphic)


  1. yep..he’s no longer in this world
    good bye saddam

  2. So sad. Another soul lost forever. An eternity of torture awaits him. I would not wish that fate on anyone, not even Saddam.

  3. i watched AC360 last night
    they were talking about saddan executed
    eventhough, he wasn’t a nice man
    but i felt sad to see him hanging!

  4. Mmmm… You should make a topic about using words that are considered vile by the people of our culture. Whether or not it matters if a person uses a curse word or not. I’d love to see the discussion on that topic… 😛

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