Declare What You Believe?

February 28, 2007

If someone was to place a gun to your head and ask you, “Are you a Christian?” with the intention of shooting you if you said yes, would you say yes?

Furthermore, should you say yes? Someone has commented before that (not direct quote) “I have a wife and two kids. What would happen if I died? I don’t know what I’d do because I’d have to consider them.”

There are many points of view to consider, what do y’all think?

//Bring it World
-Brian Purkiss

Discussion topic prompted by // Are You a Christian?

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  1. Honestly, if someone put a gun to my head I think I would say yes and ask them about their beliefs. Who knows though, I might not. I fervently hope that I would fear God over death and not deny Christ. Then again, you could just not say anything. Either way, if that happened I would be praying – not just for myself, but for the person with the gun.

    Basically. Don’t deny Christ. No matter where you are. It almost seems like it would be easier to stand up to an armed person than it would be to stand up to peer pressure. I look back on some of the things I’ve done and said, and it saddens me to see that I’ve denied Christ (even if I didn’t say it outright) through my words, thoughts, and deeds.

  2. I’ve always thought that it would be easier to die for my beliefs (as in this situation) than to live them, which is all we’re asked to do.

  3. “Therefore whoever confesses Me before men, him I will also confess before My Father who is in heaven. But whoever denies Me before men, him I will also deny before My Father who is in heaven.” – Matthew 10:32-33

    There is no debate.

    Now, to expand upon your point about the wife and two children. To deny Christ and disobey the Word of God, even for an admirable goal, is wrong. It also shows a lack of faith. As if God would not provide and care for your wife and children, if you were martyred for your faith. Your priorities *must* be in the right order. If you disobey God, to serve wife and children, you have them out of order and would actually probably be doing your own family a disservice.

    That whole argument sees the husband as the source of protection and provision for the family, instead of the Lord. And thus the family can’t survive without the man, thus the man should do whatever possible to stay alive, to fulfill those roles as provider and protector. This is wrong, the Lord is the provider and protector of the family.

  4. Those were my thought Andrew.
    I just wanted to get some more opinions.

  5. I’ve thought about this before. I would definitely not deny Christ. Then I would no longer have a reason to live. If you’re whole goal in life is to glorify God, why think twice?

  6. Good point Allison.

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