March 3, 2007

Did you know that statistically, something with a probability greater than 1050 is considered impossible?

Did you also know that statistically speaking, the chances that the process of Evolution actually occurred are 1:10:1030. Or… that is… One to the ten to the tenth to the thirtieth. That’s a big number! In fact, if you could write a million zeroes a second, it would take you a few billion years to write that number down!

So… Are we just REALLY lucky? Or is there actually a God out there in charge of all this?

//Bring it World
-Brian Purkiss

Credit goes to Breakaway Mag and Dr Roger Penrose of Cambridge University for the stats.

Slight wording update // 03/03/07


  1. I agree that Evolution is impossible, but I’d like to see sources for those statistics. Also, by “evolution actually occurred,” what do you mean? “Evolution” wasn’t an event. Do you mean the “big bang” (an event) or evolution (the process)?

  2. I just saw your reference on the bottom of the page…

  3. I should have said the process of Evolution.
    I’ll change that.

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