What Are We so Unhappy About?

April 4, 2007

I recieved this ‘forward’ today.
Makes you think doesn’t it?

The other day I was reading Newsweek magazine and came across some poll data I found rather hard to believe. The Newsweek poll alleges that 67 percent of Americans are unhappy with the direction the country is headed and 69 percent of the country is unhappy with the performance of the president. In essence 2/3s of the citizenry just ain’t happy and want a change.

So being the knuckle dragger I am, I started thinking, ”What are we so unhappy about?”

Is it that we have electricity and running water 24 hours a day, 7 days a week? Is our unhappiness the result of having air conditioning in the summer and heating in the winter? Could it be that 95.4 percent of these unhappy folks have a job? Maybe it is the ability to walk into a grocery store at any time and see more food in moments than Darfur has seen in the last year?

Maybe it is the ability to drive from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean without having to present identification papers as we move through each state? Or possibly the hundreds of clean and safe motels we would find along the way that can provide temporary shelter? I guess having thousands of restaurants with varying cuisine from around the world is just not good enough. Or could it be that when we wreck our car, emergency workers show up and provide services to help all and even send a helicopter to take you to the hospital.

Perhaps you are one of the 70 percent of Americans who own a home. You may be upset with knowing that in the unfortunate case of a fire, a group of trained firefighters will appear in moments and use top notch equipment to extinguish the flames thus saving you, your family and your belongings. Or if, while at home watching one of your many flat screen TVs, a burglar or prowler intr udes , an officer equipped with a gun and a bullet-proof vest will come to defend you and your family against attack or loss. This all in the backdrop of a neighborhood free of bombs or militias raping and pillaging the residents. Neighborhoods where 90 percent of teenagers own cell phones and computers.

How about the complete religious, social and political freedoms we enjoy that are the envy of everyone in the world? Maybe that is what has 67 percent of you folks unhappy.

Fact is, we are the largest group of ungrateful, spoiled brats the world has ever seen. No wonder the world loves the U.S. , yet has a great disdain for its citizens. They see us for what we are. The most blessed people in the world who do nothing but complain about what we don’t have , and what we hate about the country instead of thanking the good Lord we live here.

I know, I know. What about the president who took us into war and has no plan to get us out? The president who has a measly 31 percent approval rating? Is this the same president who guided the nation in the dark days after 9/11? The president that cut taxes to bring an economy out of recession? Could this be the same guy who has been called every name in the book for succeeding in keeping all the spoiled ungrateful brats safe from terrorist attacks?

The commander in chief of an all-volunteer army that is out there defending you and me? Did you hear how bad the President is on the news or talk show? Did this news affect you so much, make you so unhappy you couldn’t take a look around for yourself and see all the good things and be glad?

Think about it……are you upset at the President because he actually caused you personal pain OR is it because the “Media” told you he was failing to kiss your sorry ungrateful behind every day.

Make no mistake about it. The troops in Iraq and Afghanistan have volunteered to serve, and in many cases may have died for your freedom. There is currently no draft in this country. They didn’t have to go. They are able to refuse to go and end up with either a ”general” discharge, an ”other than honorable” discharge or, worst case scenario, a ”dishonorable” discharge after a few days in the brig.

So why then the flat-out discontentment in the minds of 69 percent of Americans? Say what you want but I blame it on the media. If it bleeds it leads and they specialize in bad news. Everybody will watch a car crash with blood and guts. How many will watch kids selling lemonade at the corner? The media knows this and media outlets are for-profit corporations. They offer what sells , and when criticized, try to defend their actions by “justifying” them in one way or another. Just ask why they tried to allow a murderer like O.J. Simpson to write a book about how he didn’t kill his wife, but if he did he would have done it this way……Insane!

Stop buying the negativism you are fed everyday by the media. Shut off the TV, burn Newsweek, and use the New York Times for the bottom of your bird cage. Then start being grateful for all we have as a country. There is exponentially more good than bad.

We are among the most blessed people on Earth and should thank God several times a day, or at least be thankful and appreciative.


  1. It makes me think the author is an idiot, at least.

  2. If he’s such an idiot Simen, why do you stoop down to the level of name calling? By name calling, you look like the idiot.

    It’s true though that we normally are very ungrateful and unhappy. When we are so blessed to live in the U.S. God bless that I have a home, food and a wonderful family.

  3. Be careful you two.
    Let’s not start name calling and bashing each other.

    But I do agree with Rollie Pohlie.

    Our society is pretty dang spoiled.
    If it weren’t for our Armed Forces (that are volunteers), who knows where our nation would be.

  4. I must point out one more thing.

    Why does everyone hate Bush for the war?!?

  5. It wouldn’t be invading Iraq, for instance. It wouldn’t be torturing its citizens, all in the name of the of a war on a noun, as if such was possible.

    The author is an idiot for being so extremely close-minded as to not see that there are more than two reasons to dislike Bush:

    Think about it……are you upset at the President because he actually caused you personal pain OR is it because the “Media” told you he was failing to kiss your sorry ungrateful behind every day.

    I don’t need to be in personal pain to criticize someone. Think about it: if you saw me kill your neighbour, would you wait to call the cops until I tried to kill you too? Of course not. But neither would you be doing it because the media told you to.

    I’m not an american, so I can criticize Bush all I want without getting this stupidity thrown at me (the armed forces are protecting your ungrateful behind and such).

  6. If it weren’t for the armed forces then, you’re right, we wouldn’t be invading Iraq. Instead we would have been invaded already.
    Heck, if it weren’t for our armed forces we probably wouldn’t have made it past the War of 1812.

    If it weren’t for our armed forces, we would be opressed.

    Ok, so the author was being a little closed minded.
    He was writing in such a way to make a point.
    Do you have anything to add to that Simen?

    In America, we can criticize Bush all we want to as well.

    But what stupidity is there in the Armed Forces truly protecting us and keeping us safe?

    I know that where ever you live Simen, there are Armed Forces. Why are they there? To protect the nation you live in from foreign invasion.
    That’s what Armed Forces are for.

    Now you’ll probably say that we invaded Iraq – not the other way around…
    But guess what, we were attacked on September 11, 2001. Iraq harbored terrorists. We (including Congress) believed that Saddam had nuklear warheads. (and Saddam is the same guy who killed thousands of his own people.) So the natural course of action would be to try and stop the terrorists. Guess what, Iraq had terrorists. So let’s go stop the terrorists in Iraq. Logical course of action.

    One more question, how is the US torturing its citizens? Saddam was the one who killed thousands of his own people.

    All in the name of war on a noun… what else would we war on? An adverb? In war, you invade a nation – a noun.
    We are warring on an noun – terrorism. Terrorists are the ones who attacked us. So it would be natural that we would attack them – not Brazil.

  7. The original post has a lot of valid points. If you could be born again, and you had a choice of what country you would want to be born in, and in what year, what would your choice be? Can there be any doubt that America has had God’s grace poured out upon her? Has any group of humans in the history of our species ever had it better? We should all thank God for how good we have it. As for Bush, well, admittedly, he has missed the boat on so many issues that many of us Republicans stopped defending him a long time ago. Illegal immigration continues unfettered- our whole country is being invaded while he does nothing. We’ve done nothing at all to decrease our dependence on foreign oil at a time when there is a real consensus for doing so between the right ( national security reasons ) , and the left ( environmental reasons ). Republicans are supposed to be the party of less government and fiscal responsibility, yet we find ourselves going from a budget surplus to being a gazillion-ding-dong-dillion in debt. Social security reform, health-care reform, education reform. So many opportunities wasted by this man.And then there is Iraq… The war has, of course, been hopelessly mismanaged like everything else, but I do have to give Bush the credit for trying to do the right thing. 911 was our generation’s pearl harbor. He understood that in the wake of 911, our overall policy in the middle-east HAD to change. Tom Freidman is probably the most widely respected journalist/commentatator on the subject( very objective- certainly not a republican hack ), and he makes the point that for 50 years we have treated the middle-east like a gas-station. As long as they kept the oil flowing, we were willing to ignore what was going on out back. Authoritarian regimes, muslim theocracies, brutal oppression of the peoples of that reigon, no civil-liberties, no freedom of thought, no democratic institutions, no tolerance of other religions, opression of women, the rise of islamic fundamentalism, crazy jihadists, and hate spreading everywhere from madrassas from Saudi Arabia to Pakistan and everywhere in between.We let it all slide, and we reaped the seeds that we sowed with our indiference, on 911. Bush decided- rightly- that it was time to break the paradigm. And in the face of an enemy that has showed a willingness to commit ANY evil attrocity in the name of islam to kill as many of us infidels as possible, Bush decided we were safer on offense, not defense. Why Iraq? Why not? It had to be somewhere. Iran would have been my choice, but Syria would have been fine too. We ought to be looking under every rock in Pakistan for Bin Laden right now as well. We have a LOT of accounts to settle in that part of the world. I think Dennis Miller’s reference to Iraq as a “psychotic Salt Lick” is spot-on.The jihadist crazies come from everywhere to fight us in Iraq. Every day the US army kills people over there who need killing.Iraq is just one battle in a much bigger war against fundamentalist islam, and all of the forces in-play are meeting there. Iran is arming and funding the Shiite Militias, Syria is doing the same with the Baathist hold-overs, and foriegn Jihadists and Al Quaeda true-believers are streaming in from everywhere from Pakistan to Yemen. Either we fight them there, or we fight them here. Al Queada served notice, on behalf of fundamentalist islam, on 911 that they are coming for us, and I am afraid they wont stop until they do get their hands on weapons of Mass-destruction and unleash them on our cities. ( Believe me, they wont hesitate to do it either . ) Even if the intelligence on WMD’s in Iraq was wrong, Bush’s overall strategy that we need to start adressing the underlying, fundamental problems of the mid-east was right. We need stable, modern, progressive democracies, not muslim theocracies and crazy dictators who gas their own people and run their political opponents through meat grinders. Alas, Bush sorely underestimated what this fundamental shift in policy was going to require to suceed. To think that we could police and rebuild a hostile, factionalized muslim country like Iraq in the face of an inevitable foreign-funded guerilla insurgency – NEVER MIND to think that we could remake an entire reigon- with 150,000 troops is so far beyond belief that it boggles the mind. So, to summarize,his heart was in the right place and the idea was OK, but like everything else bush has done, the implementation has been a disaster. Getting back to the original post, the fact that our country is ready to run away in defeat after only 3000 KIA, even when the general public has been asked to make virtually NO sacrifice, proves just how spoiled, pampered, and soft we are. Compare how another generation responded to pearl harbor, and how we have responded to 911. Germany didnt bomb pearl harbor in much the same way that Iraq didnt hit the twin towers. Our grandparents knew they had a wider war to fight, and they got down to business. Our grandparents had fascism to face, and they literally were ready to fight a world war to deal with it. What have we- as a generation of Americans- done in the face of OUR challenge from Islamic fundamentalism? These people are AT LEAST as much of a threat to us as Fascism was to our grandparents, especially in the age of WMD’s. When the Greatest Generation went to war, they didnt screw around. Sacrifices were shared by everybody, and they went into it to WIN. In the European Theatre of Operations alone, we deployed over 9 million men. The entire economy was converted to war production. They lost more men on Omaha beach in ONE DAY than we did in this tiny little skirmish in Iraq. It’s not that Bush was wrong to invade Iraq- ( we ought to have our boot on the throat of every country that supports Islamic terrorism after 911 ) it’s just that he stupidly thought he could remake a country and an entire reigon without the commitment of all our nations strength. And our soft,spoiled, girly-man generation actually expects to be able to do things like that without national sacrifice. We are going to lose this war because our country doesnt have the guts anymore to do what it takes to win it. I predict that it will take a nuclear 911- we are going to have to lose a city- before the whining whussies of our sad little generation realize that we have to face up to our own battles in our own times too, just like our fathers did, and their fathers before them. Freedom was never free. Everything we enjoy was bought with a sacrifice, and our time is coming too. When that day finally comes, we will call our young men to the colors again, and deploy like we mean it. Whne we decide we have had enough, we will send 40 million GI’s over there and establish the foundations of modern society in th emuslim lands once and for all. it’s obvious that the ONLY way the muslim-world is going to dragged into the 21rst century , is kicking and screaming, and it will probably have to be done at the point of American M16’s sooner or later. They are going to push us, and push us,and push us, until we have to unleash our full strength as a nation on them. After we lose in Iraq, the enemy will only be emboldened. They will be coming at us again in short-order. When we leave Iraq defeated, it wont be the end of the real war by any means. This was just the first battle of Bull-Run. Our Antietam and our Gettysburg are yet to come. It’s going to be another bloody century I’m afraid.

  8. The ‘born agains’ are cuirculating Bud Simon’s “What are we so unhappy about’as an article by Jay Lenno!:) Not so funny. Christian fundamentalists must be in trouble if they are resorting to blatant lies. Amnd Lenno may sue.
    Shame on you people!

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