The Face of Planned Parenthood

May 16, 2007

Lila Rose, 18, is a sophomore at UCLA and the founder of Live Action, a pro-life organization on campus. In March, she visited a Planned Parenthood clinic in Los Angeles armed with a hidden camera, posing as a 15-year-old who had been impregnated by her 23-year-old boyfriend.

Though California law requires abortion providers to report all cases of statutory rape to the police, a staff member at Planned Parenthood instructed Lila to lie about her age so she could protect her boyfriend and go through with an abortion.

Planned Parenthood: If you’re 15, we have to report it. If you’re not, if you’re older than that, then we don’t need to… So we still have to call the police, and they still have to talk to you, but we aren’t going to force you do anything, basically.

15-year-old: Okay, but if I just say I’m not 15, then it’s different? So I could just say…

Planned Parenthood: You could say 16.

15-year-old: I could say 16?

Planned Parenthood: Yes.

15-year-old: Okay, yeah. So I would just write 16?

Planned Parenthood: Well, just figure out a birth date that works. And I don’t know anything.

The Rebelution

Is anyone else questioning Planned Parenthood?

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Take Culture Head On

May 14, 2007

“Taking Culture Head On” Verses.

For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.
-Ephesians 6:12 NIV

For though we live in the world, we do not wage war as the world does.
-2 Corinthians 10:3 NIV

Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will.
-Romans 12:2 NIV

If you were of the world, the world would love its own; but because you are not of the world, but I chose you out of the world, because of this the world hates you.
-John 15:19

I am no longer in the world; and yet they themselves are in the world, and I come to You. Holy Father, keep them in Your name, …
-James 17:11

“In the world you have tribulation, but take courage; I have overcome the world.”
-John 16:33

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-Brian Purkiss


The Case for Christ

May 8, 2007

Jesus Christ is the cornerstone of Christian faith. If you take out Jesus, the entire Christian faith will fall. However the attacks are never on Jesus’ existence, but rather on Jesus’ incredible claim – His divinity.
We know that Jesus really was born, died on a cross, and had an extensive network of followers. Even ancient Jewish and Roman texts admitted His existence (even if they did not accept His claim to divinity), the impact He was having on the time, and the claim of Jesus’ resurrection.

Now, if Jesus was the Son of God like He claimed to be, than several conclusions will follow.
There one God – the God of the Bible.
There is an afterlife – it’s perfectly good, or perfectly bad
There’s only one way enjoy the ‘perfectly good afterlife’
(and more, but they’re not needed here)

It’s the surrendering yourself part that is the greatest difficulty. If Jesus is who He claimed to be, then you have to give up all control of your life. Most people don’t want to do that – so they find any ammo they can and attack the only thing they can.

Before we examine the claim, let’s look at the chain of events.

Some two thousand years ago a man was born as the son of a lowly carpenter. He makes one showing as a twelve year old, and then we know nothing of Him until He’s thirty years old when He’s baptized. From there He simply tells some men to ‘follow Me,’ performs a few miracles, and teaches in the Sinogogs and on the hillsides. In a matter of three years He amasses a huge following of people who think He will be the deliverer – not from their sins – but from the yoke of Roman tyranny.
He his then falsely condemned to death and hung on the cross. His closest followers abandon Him when He’s arrested, and a great many of His other followers shout for His death. He willingly takes the abuse and trial – He doesn’t even defend Himself but says that man has no control over Him. He was killed, and no one expected Him to rise from the dead – even though He said He would.
But suddenly, three days later, those same people who ran from His side in terror, were boldly claiming His resurrection. Over five hundred people claimed to see Him alive again – including several hundred people claiming to see Him at the same time. All but one of Jesus’ closest were brutally killed for their beliefs and thousands upon thousands of others in that time period who saw Him or knew those who saw Him.

So, let’s logically examine Jesus’ claim.

Now, considering the chain of events, Jesus had to be one of three things: a pathological liar, a lunatic, or the Lord of the Earth.
In order for Jesus to be a liar several conclusions follow. He would have to lie in the face of a long and painful death. He would have to lie about his entire existence and still preach so that He is considered, even until this day, one of the greatest ethical teachers in all history.
Think about that. Who would lie, and continue to lie in the face of the most painful death known to man? Who could lie about who he is, and be revered as such a great ethical teacher – even by those who hate your greatest claim? How could Jesus be a liar in every fiber of His being, and yet no one has found fault in Him?
So we can logically scratch ‘liar’ off the list.

Ok, so Jesus wasn’t a liar. Let’s look at the second option – a lunatic.
If Jesus wasn’t playing with a full deck, how could He have gathered such a large following? It is easy to tell when someone isn’t all there – so how could have thousands of people believed Him and been convinced to follow a madman? Even unto death?
That’s just not possible.

But hey, let’s consider a few more things.

Let’s look at Jesus’ followers.
Jesus’ disciples didn’t believe He would rise from the dead until after he had already risen. They claimed to see Jesus after He rose from the dead. So if they were lying, and they didn’t see a risen Jesus, then why would they continue to claim He had risen and was the Son of God even to death on their own cross?
That just doesn’t make sense either.

But what if Jesus didn’t truly die?
Ok, let’s consider a few things. Jesus was crucified at the hands of the Romans – execution experts. He was stabbed through the heart with a spear. He was clarified dead by Roman execution officers. He was then put into a tomb and the tomb was sealed shut with a huge stone and a squad of trained Roman soldiers guarded the tomb.
It is simply not possible that Jesus could have survived being crucified and a spear through the heart, death certification by execution experts, roll away a huge stone, fight off a squad of Roman soldiers who faced death with failure, and still convince His disciples that He had risen from the dead?
That takes more faith than believing His claim.

The only conclusion left is that Jesus really did rise from the dead an thus, He was who He said – the Son of God and Savior to the world.


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May 2, 2007

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True Happiness

May 1, 2007

Never forget that true happiness (joy) can only be acquired from the Lord – not from men, money, fame, or posessions.


Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

April 28, 2007

50 billion atoms make 1 simple cell. I contain 75 trillion of these “simple” cells. 75 trillion! Every 4-5 seconds 50,000 of my cells die and are replaced by 50,000 new cells. My body contains 25 trillion red blood cells. They live 120 days. My body also contains 25 billion white blood cells. They live 12 hours. That means my body is making 50 billion white blood cells every single day. This is incredible to me. These red and white blood cells flow through my circulatory system. There are 75,000 miles of arteries, blood vessels, and capillaries in my body, (enough the circle the earth 3 times!) all forming my circulatory system.

I will take 10 million breaths this year. My lungs are all folded up inside of me to function properly, but if unfolded, my lungs would cover an area the size of a tennis court.

All of this is made up of DNA, my genetic code. This DNA is inside of every single cell inside my body. This tiny little strand, in each of my 75 trillion cells, is 6 feet long. So that’s 75 trillion cells x 6 feet of DNA per cell. That’s enough DNA, if you connected it in one continuous strand, to travel to the moon and back 20,000 times. This DNA, this genetic code, decoded by scientists, contains these nucleotide building blocks made up of a combination of adenine (A), thymine (T), guanine (G) and cytosine (C). These A T G C codes form random sequences whose characters accumulate to 3 billion+ characters (that’s per strand). 3 billion+ characters are in each strand of DNA, and each DNA strand is in every single one of my 75,000,000,000,000 cells.

I am fearfully and wonderfully made (Psalm 139:14). For me, this is proof. When I say “I know there is a God” instead of “I believe there is a God,” this is a huge part why. And to credit all this to chance or a big bang or anything other than God, for me, is just out of the question.

//Bring it World
-Brian Purkiss

Facts gathered from Louie Giglio’s talk “Fearfully and Wonderfully Made” – which can be found here.


What is the Difference Between Tolerance and Freedom?

April 25, 2007

Discussion Topic: What is the Difference Between Tolerance and Freedom?