SupernaturalWarfare has moved!

June 13, 2007

If you’ve stumbled upon this, well, keep on moving!

SupernaturalWarfare has moved to SupernaturalWarfare.com!!!


New Hosting

June 7, 2007

Dear Readers,

SupernaturalWarfare.com shall be switching hosts in the near future. SW will move from WordPress.com to 1&1 Hosting via WordPress.org.

What will this accomplish?
Several things.
First and foremost, 1&1 Hosting via WordPress.org will allow many new SW features – particularly more customization and more, and custom, layouts.
The move will also allow for new services – including ‘in comment responses.’ But more info on the new features to come.

What does this imply?
Two things.
SupernaturalWarfare.com shall be off line for as much as one day – and on a TBA date.
Secondly, all comments shall require (temporarily) moderation before posting. Why? Two reasons. One: Because I’m leaving to go out of town and I need to be able to moderate the comments. Two: Comment posting could become interesting in the hosting switch.

Thank you!

Brian Purkiss


Blog Alert – Robert Emmitt

June 2, 2007

Robert Emmitt, pastor of of >Community Bible Church in San Antonio, TX has started a blog – RobertEmmitt.com.

Pastor Emmitt’s teachings are quite amazing, and thus, his blog looks promising!

Be sure to check it out!

//Bring it World
-Brian Purkiss


Bill O’Riley vs Richard Dawkins

June 2, 2007

Bill O’Riley and Richard Dawkins go head to head.
I think O’Riley makes some good points, but where Dawkins has O’Riley is his uncertainty. O’Riley is ‘sticking with Judeo-Christian philosophy’ but doesn’t quite own it completely.

//Further Reading/Viewing: The Dawkins Delusion


The Dawkins Delusion

May 31, 2007

I think this video just about sums it up – Richard Dawkins does not exist.

//Bring it World
-Brian Purkiss


Iraqi Determination and Education

May 29, 2007

“I’m going to bomb, bomb, bomb the school with everybody in it.”
-Five Year Old Omar Hussein at his kindergarten graduation in Baghdad
[thx World Mag]

Ok, is it just me, or is that incredible?
Incredible in two ways:
1: Incredible that a five year old wants to blow others, and himself, up?
2: That Muslim parents can give a five year old the drive to do such a thing and us American’s can’t get our kids to do their homework?

Now, let me put aside the shocking desire of the five year old, let’s take a look at his determination.

Here we have a kid, who is five years old and graduating from kindergarten, and he wants to kill himself in an explosive manner – just so he can kill infidels. If a five year old can obtain that level of determination, why can’t us Christians have that same drive, but to follow our Lord?

Think about it.

//Bring it World
-Brian Purkiss


The Worship Industry

May 26, 2007

The Work of the People

I don’t think I can put it any better – so I’ll just let him do the talking.

[thx Everything is Sacred]